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A letter from our CEO, Andrea Slinde

My journey with health and wellness started when I quit my job in traditional healthcare to work on a small organic CSA farm in Madison, WI. I wanted to understand sustainable and just food systems and learn how they could help power preventative health. I began to truly appreciate quality fruits and vegetables, and I had never worked so hard for them in my entire life. Since moving to Denver, CO, I have worked on natural food startups to try and bring healthy and thoughtful products to people.

Golden Root was born out of a curiosity to reduce inflammation in my own body by using turmeric in anything and everything in the kitchen. As an active Coloradan who enjoys skiing, hiking, and running, I wanted to find ways to incorporate turmeric into my daily diet, and to do so with intention. I was familiar with the healing, anti-inflammatory, and blissful benefits of turmeric so I made various turmeric tonics at home to find comfort and relief.

Finally I tried my hand at making a traditional Ayurvedic recipe called Golden Milk to soothe my inflammation. I wanted to create a powdered version of the recipe so that I could conveniently make it at home or on-the-go and share it with others. The first time I made a recipe, it tasted like drinking a bag of ground black pepper with hints of earthy tree bark. But I made it, over and over and over again, and after dozens of iterations, I finally found a recipe that I loved.

Golden Root is prepared and polished with my hands and heart. I hope you love it.

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Andrea Slinde


Glenn McElfresh

VP, Sales


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